What is the Parents in Partnership Programme?

PIP stands for Parents in Partnership. It is a collection of information about Turves Green Boys and our policies, an outline of the wider personal support we provide for students, information about some wider issues which may affect pupils and links to external websites and support. It can be found under ‘Pupil Life’ on the main Turves Green Boy’s School webpage. The PIP programme also encourages parents sharing information about their sons’ life outside of school which may affect their behaviour and experiences in school. To run alongside this information on the website, PIP has a dedicated section of the newsletter to update parents on issues taught through via PSHE and in form time, including Mental Health in both form time and PSHE lessons so that the conversations can continue at home. The main purpose of PIP is to:


Allow us to better support our pupils in school by opening regular communication with parents about their sons’ wellbeing and life both in and outside of school.


To share key information with parents about issues we are tackling through school to enable students to discuss these issues at home such as sex and relationships education (SRE), knife crime, internet safety and health issues.


To inform parents of the policies and procedures we have in place for key issues such as bereavement, mental health support and bullying.


To improve our services for students particularly around mental health and bereavement by allowing parents to know that we have a dedicated mental health lead and a Mental Health referral process with a wealth of support available should you feel that your child needs it.