Covering the academic aspect of education as well as personal development.

At Turves Green Boys’ we aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which covers the academic aspect of education as well as personal development.

We aspire to develop successful, well rounded and confident young men who strive to succeed and become responsible contributors to society. Their curriculum enables them to develop the relevant skills and gain qualifications to facilitate this and progress onto the next phase of their lives.

We firmly believe in equality of opportunity and at KS3 all pupils study a wide range of subjects aiming to build on their learning from Key Stage 2 but also to introduce them to new subjects. In lessons they will not only focus on building and developing knowledge and skills but also on general learning and thinking skills.

Their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is important and at times is featured within subject based lessons in addition to dedicated personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) lessons and assemblies.

In Spring of Year 9, pupils will choose their GCSE Option subjects and will begin these courses at the start of Year 10.

Pupils are offered a choice of three option subjects in addition to the compulsory core subjects.

The national curriculum is covered at both key stages and curriculum documentation clearly identifies how learning build over each key stage and the five years that they are with us.

From Sept 2020, the curriculum will be delivered via a fortnightly timetable consisting of 50 x 1 hour lessons.


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