School Uniform

  • Black blazer (with school badge);

  • Black school trousers;

  • White polyester/cotton shirt (worn with school tie) with a top button - to be tucked into waistband;

  • School tie to be worn with 6 strips visible;

  • Black socks.

  • Smart black polishable school shoes.

    Training shoes, canvas shoes and fashion boots are not acceptable;

  • Black ‘v’ neck sweater (optional).  No cardigans;

  • Plain colour outer coat (not leather or denim);

    Coats must not be worn inside buildings and must be removed upon entry to any building.

  • Plain black belts with a plain buckle are permitted.

  • Bandanas are not permitted.

  • Fake tan is not permitted.

  • Any cult and hair colour and high fashion hairstyles are not permitted. Any extreme fashion, hairstyle or body marking/piercing is banned

  • No shaved lines in hair/eyebrows.

  • Make-up and Nail Varnish are not permitted in school.

  • False nails and gel nails are not permitted in school.

  • Fake eyelashes are not permitted.

  • One small plain stud in each ear lobe is allowed.

  • Kids Essential

    762 Bristol Road South


    Birmingham B31 2NN

    Tel: 0121 477 0736



    Clive Mark

    Kings Heath  Tel: 0121 728 6860


Sports Kit

PE, Dance and Drama Kit

  • Plain black short-sleeve polo shirt with collar.
  • Plain black shorts or plain black tracksuit bottoms.
  • Trainers (must not be high tops or pumps)
  • Plain black socks


  • Plain black jumper (No Hoods)
  • Plain black football socks



  • x2 Pens (Black or Blue)
  • x1 Green Pen
  • Ruler
  • x1 Pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Rubber
  • Pencil Case 
HT Decision

Acceptable/Unacceptable Uniform

An example of some acceptable and unacceptable uniform alternatives can be found below.




Frequently Asked Questions

Each pupil will be placed in a house with a house tie. Each pupil will be informed which house they are in and also the colour of their house tie before the summer holidays.
Yes, the school jumper can still be worn. However, these jumpers will no longer be on sale and can be replaced by a plain V neck black jumper with your blazer if required.
Ties cost £7. If you need financial support please send an e mail to and a tie will be given to your son.
No there is not a summer uniform. If parents have purchased the “blue Polo top” this can be worn for PE lessons.
Yes. All pupils must wear black leather style shoes- no trainer type of shoe is acceptable. Please see website for clarification and images. Parents will find shoes are significantly cheaper than trainers.
No. Prefects are awarded a prefect tie which is different to the house ties.

If you have any other questions about uniform

please send an email to