Policy NameDateDownload
Year 11 Leavers Information10.05.2024Download HERE
Hub Announcement 17.05.2024Download HERE
Year 9 Parents Evening14.05.2024Download HERE
Attendance Info Letter08.05.2024Download HERE
End of Period 6 for Year 1129.04.2024Download HERE
Well Done Turves Green Boys'29.04.2024Download HERE
Ofsted Report 202426.04.2024Download HERE
Year 10 Parents Evening19.04.2024Download HERE
Parent Advisory Letter25.03.2024Download HERE
RSHE25.03.2024Download HERE
Ofsted Parental Letter18.03.2024Download HERE
Ofsted Notification / ParentView18.03.2024Download HERE
Year 11 Period 615.03.2024Download HERE
Exam Info Letter12.03.2024Download HERE
Year 11 Parents Evening in person08.03.2024Download HERE
Parents Guide04.03.2024Download HERE
Careers Week04.03.2024Download HERE
Year 9 Parents Evening Postponed29.02.2024Download HERE
Parent Advisory Forum26.02.2024Download HERE
Restorative Approaches21.02.2024Download HERE
Exam Dates09.02.2024Download HERE
£20 Digital Supermarket Food Voucher08.02.2024Download HERE
Year 11 - Period 6 Early Finish Notice02.02.2024Download HERE
Awareness Sessions02.02.2024Download HERE
Revised School Closure Day26.01.2024Download HERE
Year 8 Parents Evening24.01.2024Download HERE
Year 7 Parents Evening24.01.2024Download HERE
Year 9 Options Letter19.01.2024Download HERE
Change of date - Italy18.01.2024Download HERE
Turing Parent Pack18.01.2024Download HERE
End of Term Letter18.12.2023Download HERE
Happy Christmas18.12.2023Download HERE
Parents Evening Dates30.11.2023Download HERE
Measles27.10.2023Download HERE
Half Term23.10.2023Download HERE
Darker Nights23.10.2023Download HERE
School Closure20.10.2023Download HERE
Northfield Community Partnership10.10.2023Download HERE
West Midlands Police10.10.2023Download HERE
Open Evening11.09.2023Download HERE
Period 611.09.2023Download HERE
Communication06.09.2023Download HERE
Weduc06.09.2023Download HERE
Sims Parent App Guide06.09.2023Download HERE
Uniform26.07.2023Download HERE
Year 7 Letter26.07.2023Download HERE
End of Term Letter24.07.2023Download HERE
Year 11 Leavers Celebration04.07.2023Download HERE
Year 7 - Rescheduled Events27.06.2023Download HERE
Strike Action21.06.2023Download HERE
Water Safety16.06.2023Download HERE
New Year 7 Letter23.05.2023Download HERE
Mental Health18.05.2023Download HERE
Social Media18.05.2023Download HERE
Exam Information11.05.2023Download HERE
Parent Advisory Forum03.05.2023Download HERE
Child Criminal Exploitation19.04.2023Download HERE
Parents Evening18.04.2023Download HERE
Parent Advisory Forum18.04.2023Download HERE
Strike Action18.04.2023Download HERE
Exam Information22.03.2023Download HERE
Parent Advisory Forum20.03.2023Download HERE
Strike Action Information 15/03 | 16/0313.03.2023Download HERE
Strike Action Information - 1/3/2316.02.2023Download HERE
Early Closure - 28th March 2306.02.2023Download HERE
Parents' Evening Dates27.01.2023Download HERE
Strike Action Information - 1/2/2327.01.2023Download HERE
Parents Evening27.01.2023Download HERE
Strike Letter27.01.2023Download HERE
Christmas Dates 24.11.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Exams 202304.10.2022Download HERE
School Photographs29.09.2022Download HERE
Year 11 - Period 622.09.2022Download HERE
Birmingham City Council - Attendance Letter12.09.2022Download HERE
School Closure13.09.2022Download HERE
Open Evening Early Closure08.09.2022Download HERE
Year 6 Induction Information24.05.2022Download HERE
Trust New Schools Transfer - Have Your Say24.05.2022Download HERE
Year 11 - Period 631.01.2022View HERE
Face Covering Update20.01.2022View HERE
January Covid-19 Mask Update04.01.2022View HERE
Dates for your Diary19.11.2021View HERE
Year 11 Reminders Letter16.09.2021View HERE
Lateral Flow Home Testing10.09.2021View HERE
COVID-19 Testing Privacy Statement16.07.2021View HERE
Uniform & School Day Changes29.06.2021View HERE
Testing Day Reschedule15.06.2021View HERE
Cashless System27.05.2021View HERE
Year 11 Mitigating Circumstances 25.05.2021View HERE
Year 7 Parents' Evening17.05.2021View HERE
Expectations Reminder 17.05.2021View HERE
Year 11 Letter12.05.2021View HERE
Joining Matrix Academy Trust29.04.2021View HERE
Year 9 Options Letter30.03.2021View HERE
School Attendance Covid-1908.03.2021View HERE
GCSE Exams Update07.01.2021View HERE
Designated Academy Sponsor Notification20.11.2020View HERE