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Staff Wellbeing

We prioritise Staff Wellbeing and Workload at Turves Green Boys’ School

At Turves Green Boys’ School, the significance of wellbeing and supporting workload for all members of our community, including staff, is paramount. We firmly believe that prioritising staff wellbeing not only benefits colleagues and pupils but also enhances performance, job satisfaction, and reduces staff turnover. By placing staff wellbeing and workload at the core of our decision-making and policy formation, we aim to create positive working environments that foster engagement, productivity, and overall organisational success.

At Turves Green Boys’ School, we emphasise a comprehensive whole school approach to wellbeing. This approach ensures that staff wellbeing is a fundamental consideration in all aspects of our operations. We recognise that a healthy and supportive work environment is conducive to the personal and professional growth of our staff, enabling them to thrive and contribute to the school community. By valuing every member of our staff for their contributions, we create an inclusive and caring atmosphere.

To address the diverse needs of our staff, we maintain an open-door policy and actively listen to their concerns. Face-to-face meetings and surveys provide opportunities for staff to express their views on workload and wellbeing. By promptly responding to their suggestions and feedback, we demonstrate our commitment to their overall satisfaction and development. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of empowerment and inclusion among our staff.

Turves Green Boys’ School is dedicated to responding to relevant documents and guidelines, including the Workload Reduction Toolkit and the Wellbeing Charter provided by the Department for Education (DfE). By aligning our practices with these resources, we ensure that workload and wellbeing remain at the forefront of our decision-making processes. This commitment enables us to proactively prevent stress and create a positive working environment that promotes the flourishing of individuals and the school as a whole.

Underpinning all our endeavours are the Turves Values, which define our school community. We prioritise a caring and supportive environment for all members, recognising the importance of empathy and understanding in fostering wellbeing. By adopting a solution-focused approach, we encourage collaboration and shared responsibility, ensuring that everyone benefits from the collective contributions of our staff.

Our staff wellbeing is a core priority. By adopting a whole school approach to wellbeing, actively listening to staff needs, and aligning our practices with relevant guidelines, we create an environment where individuals and organisations can thrive.

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Team Turves

At Turves Green Boys’ School, we have a range of staff from different areas of the school body who meet at least each term to discuss staff workload and wellbeing. This is something that has been in place this year and has been part of our approach to staff wellbeing. The team meets to discuss ideas to promote wellbeing such as Tea and Talk, flu vaccines, staff sports as well as have the opportunity to raise any concerns around workload. For example, the team worked collectively to streamline approaches for our on-call system and to organise our well-established work outings and well-being ideas. We are very proud of our proactive whole school approach to staff wellbeing and my thanks go to all our workload representatives who have been proactive in helping reduce workload and promote wellbeing. Every meeting at Turves Green Boys’ School wellbeing is considered – a sure sign of the commitment that we show to our staff – along with investment in the professional development of our staff. Our wellbeing overview and mental health calendar shows the commitment that we have for our staff.

Reducing Teacher Workload


Reducing Teacher Workload


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