Saltmine Trust Theatre Company

Saltmine Trust Theatre Company

Performance and Interactive Workshop

As part of their PSHE work, Pupils in years 7-10 enjoyed a production entitled ‘Switch Up’.  It was a thought-provoking drama performance followed by a workshop programme which focused on the complex, interrelated issues of knife crime, gang violence and self-identity.

Through the workshop, pupils were able to question the actors, take part in a hot seating activity and were given some hard hitting facts about knife crime in the UK.

‘Today we watched a production by the Saltmine theatre company.  The production was about gangs and knife crime and how your life is priceless and worth more than gangs or drugs.  It was a great experience and there was also a good amount of interactivity in a work shop.  Some of the facts shocked us! The conflict in the production was realistic and affected the students watching.  I would like to tank Saltmine for coming to our school’

 Dominic O 

‘The play opened with a dramatic ending! The tensions were high and the purpose of the play, to educate about knife crime and gangs, was set.  It really spread awareness about knife crime amongst kids and I found it really interesting.  Not only was the message received load and clear, but the actors also kept us hooked with the brilliant play’

Jas S

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