This week in Warhammer

This week in Warhammer

This week at Warhammer Alliance we saw the exciting start of the new Warhammer 40,000 10th edition. It’s now a level playing field as students familiar with Warhammer and those brand new the game learn a new, faster and easier to learn version of the game pitching the noble Space Marines against the ravenous hordes of the Tyranid aliens. If you are interested in getting involved with some games everyone is having to learn the rules again so this is the perfect time to join. Come along to B7 on a Wednesday evening or speak to Mr Soden to find out more and learn how to play.

Also at the club this week, we had an impromptu model show case of what everybody as been painting this year. We saw O. Warrilow’s 7T1 fantastic zombies and ghouls that he continued to build through this week’s session at the club. C Carter-Glover 7T2 made a giant display of his mixed swamp themed force. O. Hinton 7A1 has finally completed his Battle Honours and is the first of our students to do so! Working with the Warhammer stores students can earn rewards and prizes by going into any Warhammer store asking about Battle Honours and showing their progress. We are all very excited for him and his models are looking amazing from it. More students are heading towards that path and we am very excited to see more amazing things from the rest of the group.

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