Vending Machine Reading Rewards

Vending Machine Reading Rewards

Our reading rewards vending machine continues to be a focal point of our weekly celebrations on a Friday lunchtime. Pupils from all year groups are considered and selected for a range of approaches to demonstrating our TURVES Values.

Winners this week include:

Year 7

Austin: W Priestley – impeccable behaviour since day 1 of Turves

Boulton: C Hamshaw – For making an excellent start since starting recently and getting stuck in with different extra-curricular activities

Tolkien: N Overthrow – consistently good effort in all subjects

Year 8

Austin: A Adeyemi – consistent improvement and valuable contributions as well as an excellent photoshoot

Boulton: M Scarfe – Most praise points this week and for not giving up when finding things difficult.

Tolkien: T Calvey – Consistently meeting Turves Values

Year 9

Austin: D Batoschi – Modelling Turves Values

Boulton: N Bosco – Excellent effort in all lessons and for writing a great speech in English.

Tolkien: A Spencer – Consistently meeting the values and expectations of TGBS

Year 10

Austin: B Abaka – Consistent upholding of the Turves Values.

Boulton: S Faultless – Excellent effort and for always showing the Turves values.

Tolkien: M Ford – for the amount of positives received this month and excellent effort in French/English/science

Year 11

Austin: D Robson – consistently excellent effort in revision

Boulton: C Leo – Excellent attitude towards exams.

Tolkien: A Field – His resilience and his excellent effort in English

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