A Night At The Musicals

A Night At The Musicals

Get ready to be swept away on a musical journey as Turves Green Boys School presents “A Night At The Musicals” on Wednesday, 12th July. Brace yourself for an evening filled with extraordinary performances, as our talented pupils bring to life captivating extracts from four incredible shows. 

Our journey begins with the heartfelt and inspiring story of “Dear Evan Hansen.” Witness the remarkable transformation of Evan Hansen, a high school pupil who, despite his social anxiety, discovers his own meaningful role in an unexpected tragedy. 

Next, prepare to be transported to a future world devoid of musical instruments in “We Will Rock You.” Experience the exhilaration as a courageous rebel unearths the archives, leading to the renaissance of Rock and Roll, igniting the spirit of music once again. 

Step back in time to the enchanting year of 1838, where a spirited young orphan learns the art of mischief and survival. From the beloved melodies of “Food Glorious Food” to the infectious rhythms of “Oom Pah Pah,” you’ll be enthralled by the musical and dance performances from the timeless classic, “Oliver.” 

Lastly, our talented pupils will take centre stage to showcase their own rendition of the electrifying songs from “School of Rock.” Be prepared to be blown away by their passion, energy, and sheer talent as they rock the stage like never before. 

Join us on this remarkable evening of theatrical magic, where dreams come alive through music and storytelling. The dedication and hard work of our pupils have brought these captivating performances to life, and we can’t wait to share this unforgettable experience with you. 

Save the date, Wednesday, 12th July, and let “A Night At The Musicals” immerse you in a world of joy, inspiration, and unbridled talent. 

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