Accelerated Reader Leaderboard

Accelerated Reader Leaderboard

The Library is now open daily from 8.30 to 8.45am and also from 3:00 to 3:20pm for pupils to change their books. Pupils in Key Stage 3 are enjoying their timetabled Accelerated Reader Library lesson and are beginning to develop their reading stamina. Many pupils taking their AR Quizzes are achieving the target of 80% accuracy. As a result of this, a number of new names have found their way on to the Accelerated Reader Points Leaderboard. At the end of last term our top three readers were:

1: M. Peak (Y9).

2: G. Mackcracken (Y9).

3: T. Farrell (Y7).

Congratulations to them and everyone whose name has appeared on the Leaderboard during this half term. Please remember that pupils can read and then quiz at home by accessing the Accelerated Reader quizzes via their school log-in. At the end of this term, pupils have taken a total of 788 quizzes. The current House Competition positions (based on the quizzes taken, number of words read and the cumulative points scored) are:

1: Austin (3,757,678 words read).

2: Tolkien (2,087,821 words read).

3: Boulton (1,953,317 words read).

Don’t forget that the Library is open at Breaktimes for study and reading. Each Year Group has a specific day allocated to them.

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