Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

The number of Accelerated Reader quizzes taken by our students now total 1908.The standings in thecurrent House Competition (based on the quizzes taken, number of words read and the cumulative points scored) remain unchanged:

1: Austin (7,941,319 words read).

2: Tolkien (6,365,191 words read).

3: Boulton (3,639,053 words read).

In contrast, the names on the Students’ Accelerated Reader Points Leaderboard have been changing position on an almost weekly basis.At the end of this half-term our top three readers are:

1: Alex T. (Y7).

2: Cody D. (Y9).

3: George M. (Y9).

Well done to everyone whose name has featured on the Leaderboard during this half term.Special mention also to George M. (Y9) who has become our second ‘Word Millionaire’.

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