Allies Club Fashion Show 2023

Allies Club Fashion Show 2023

The Allies Club Fashion Show 2023: A fabulous display of creativity and sustainability!

We are thrilled to present Turves Green’s first annual Allies Club Fashion Show. The fashion show took place on 20th July 2023 and was a remarkable event where 15 pupils showcased their extraordinary creations made from recycled materials and old clothes. Prior to the show, the pupils enjoyed the challenge of making their clothes and accessories from start to finish, from ripping apart fabrics, to cutting cardboard and sewing materials together. Pupils made items such as cardboard Star Wars suits, two wizards from Harry Potter and a tablecloth ball gown!

The Allies Club fashion show was not just about flaunting stylish outfits on the runway but was also a challenge that demanded dedication, innovation and enthusiasm. For weeks leading up to the event, the pupils put in many hours of hard work, collaborating as a team and seeking guidance from each other to put on a fantastic show for the teachers and support staff at Turves Green.  

The process began with collecting and sourcing recycled materials and old clothes from within the school community and beyond. Pupils had to brainstorm and experiment with various design ideas, incorporating their creativity to breathe new life into these discarded items. They learned about sustainable fashion practices and how small actions like upcycling and repurposing, can make a significant difference in reducing waste.

We are proud of those who participated in the fashion show, from the backstage designers to the runway models themselves, they all showcased the importance of the Turves Values and how by working together, respecting one another and understanding their differences they were able to put on a successful show.

Our gratitude to the pupils and staff who helped, supported and cheered for our budding fashion designers and we are excited for next year’s fashion show.

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