AMSP Year 10 Maths Feast

AMSP Year 10 Maths Feast

On Thursday a team of 4 year 10 students competed in this year’s AMSP Maths Feast. Students from 10 different schools comprising of 16 different teams tested their maths knowledge, logic and problem-solving skills against each other in 4 different rounds.

In the first round, students answered maths questions in the style of Only Connect, Richard Osman’s House of Games and The 1% Club.

Round two was a cross number which had a variety of questions that all fit together into a diamond shaped grid with overlapping answers getting all but 1 question correct and scoring very highly.

The Maths Hatters round was third where students were given computer science logical rules on what coloured hat one of three people had to wear and investigated how many different possible combinations there where. 

Finally, the team created 2 different 3D shapes out of paper and had to investigate the mathematical properties that link a cube and an icosahedron. A round where W.Cornick 10T1 came into his own having done origami since he was 7.

Though unfortunately we didn’t not win a round, our team did fantastically at working together as a team and working of each other’s strengths. They did well to manage the short 20-minutes for each round and having a go at every question put to them.

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