Year 11 Army Experience

On Monday 13th September, some year 11 pupils were able to get some first-hand advice and information about Army careers.  Members of the Army came into school and ran sessions about life in the Army, careers and training opportunities.  Pupils were also able to take part in team building, problem solving and awareness activities.


‘It was a really interesting day. I gained greater knowledge of what the army can offer and the careers it can lead to. It was also fun, I really enjoyed the air-soft shooting and target practice.’


‘It was a fun day.  I really enjoyed the shooting range and measuring reaction times. It was also interesting to learn about the options available to you in the Army such as Engineering and Mechanics.  I also learned how you can get paid while you are learning.  It has definitely given me more options to consider when I leave school’


‘It was interesting to get to know the soldiers and their backgrounds, as well as their mentality and what it is like in the Army day to day.  I learned about their fitness routines as well as the career opportunities.  It has definitely turned my mind to consider the opportunities the Army has to offer.’


Prefect Training – Ackers Trust

On Monday 13th September, 26 Year 11 Prefects attended training at Ackers Trust.  Here, they undertook team building exercises.  They were put under pressure and had to make decisions in difficult situations. The Prefects were then tasked with Canoeing, something many had not done, they were paired with people that they will have to work with.   Here they had to work in tandem to ensure the Canoe turned the right way, went in the right direction, and most importantly did not sink (This cannot be said for all the boats). The pupils finished with tobogganing in the afternoon.  It appears very few fear speed nor heights.

The Prefects put these skills to work on Tuesday 14th September in the schools open evening. The prefects toured parents around the School, answered questions from year 6 pupils as well as parents.

The prefects will now finish the rest of their training, they will be safeguard trained ready to start peer mentoring as well as paired reading with younger pupils.


Year 11 University Visit

45 Year 11 pupils went to the Birmingham University on Monday 13th September, to see the value of hard work in Year 11 and where academic success can lead to. 


‘We learnt about ways of managing our wellbeing, which are applicable to everyday life, rather than only university

The first introductory session made me realise the importance of GCSEs and the extent of their impact.  GCSE results are more important to universities than the predictions that A-Level teachers will make.

The student testimonials were also helpful, as they provided alternative ways of university education, such as an apprentice degree.

The talk on Russell Group Universities gave a brief history of recent universities, whilst listing the university’s accomplishments and other universities’ academic prestige’


‘My highlights of the day were:  having good examples of wellbeing and a more in depth view of how to maintain a good wellbeing and showing us the jobs which now require degrees or jobs which we may not have thought needed them. The environment was good as it didn’t hinder or obstruct anyone and had enough space for people to work comfortably They also showed us the difference in pay for someone with a degree, which was considerably higher.’


Start of Term Times

First Day of Lessons

The first day of school when all pupils start lessons is Monday 6th September. We will have a staggered start and pupils will line up on the playground as they have done all year. 

The table below explains the start times for each year group.

Year GroupStart time
Year 7 & 118.50am
Year 89.30am
Year 99.50am
Year 1010.10am

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back and kick starting the academic year!

Well Done-01

GCSE Results 2021

We are proud of the excellent GCSE results achieved by pupils at Turves Green Boys’ School this year. Pupils have shown incredible resilience, determination and tenacity to overcome the adversity of the last 18 months. We are delighted with the progress and attainment of all of our Year 11 pupils and please to see the vast majority progressing to their first choice destination for post 16 study. 

A number of our pupils achieved notable successes: J Nixon, with 5 grade 7s and 3 grade 8s; O Sandford with 3 grade 7s and 3 grade 8s; D Spooner is planning on studying A Levels in Maths, Physics and Computer Science after gaining 1 grade 7, 1 grade 8 and a superb 4 grade 9s.  Also, J Nkusu who achieved 2 grade 8s and a phenomenal 5 grade 9s will be going on to the University of Birmingham school sixth form to study A Levels.

Well done year 11!


Stay Safe in the Sun

Due to travel restriction it looks like many of us will be staying home this summer, with that in mind I’m sure we all have our fingers crossed for some nice weather this August. But let’s spare a thought for Canada who has just experienced record breaking temperatures in a 1 in 1000-year heatwave. That means there is a 1 in a 1000 chance of an event like this occurring in any given year. During this heatwave Canada recorded its highest ever temperature of 49.6C. Now that’s hot! To put that in context the Sahara Desert, one of the hottest and driest places on earth, has an average temperature of 35C in its summer months.

One of the key themes studied in geography is that of climate change, it is considered by many world leaders to be the biggest threat to life on earth as we know it. Scientists say that Canada’s heatwave was “virtually impossible” without climate change and that we can expect extreme events such as this to become more common as the world heats up due to climate change.

Knowing our typical English summers, I’m not expecting temperatures like Canada has recently experienced, but just in case we are lucky enough to have some sun this summer here are some tips on keeping safe in the heat

  • Look out for those who may struggle to keep themselves cool and hydrated – very young children are particularly at risk.
  • Stay cool indoors – close curtains on rooms that face the sun to keep indoor spaces cooler and remember it may be cooler outdoors than indoors.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Try to keep out of the sun between 11am to 3pm when it is at its hottest.
  • If you have to go out in the heat, walk in the shade, apply sunscreen regularly and wear a wide brimmed hat.
  • Avoid exercising in the hottest parts of the day

Have a great summer!


Summer Maths Activities

You can access a wealth of Maths activities over the summer holidays using the links below: : Hegarty Maths : Games, puzzles, times tables : Interactive activities for most topics : Family maths games : Interactive games and challenges : Maths quizzes by topic


Member of Parliament Visit

Year 9 pupils from Turves Green Boys’ School met with the MP for Northfield, Gary Sambrook and were able to question him about some of the key issues affecting young people in the local area.  They questioned him on issues such as: climate change, education,  facilities for young people in the area and even foreign policy!  They were also able to ask about his own ambition to be a politician.  

A big thank you to Gary for taking the time to visit Turves Green Boys’ School and spend sometime with our pupils.

basketball group

Sporting Success

Year 11 boys had their first competitive basketball fixture of 2021; the boys have been training regularly after school on Mondays in preparation. Our year 11 were physically a far bigger team; however, the opponents were more skilful and had played far more competitive games.

The year 11 boys flew into an early lead with captain S. N’Sapu Jr, scoring the first five points of the game with 2 baskets and a free throw.  Bloxwich Academy rallied and continued to work the ball. However strong defence by B. Andrews, E. Blake and A. Reid kept them out, and C. Kumeso controlled the tempo. 

Further scores by A. Reid, B. Andrews and E. Blake kept the scoreboard lead looking healthier by the minute. Bloxwich upped the tempo and their game becoming far more aggressive in the match trying to match our physicality. I. Dafe stood strong in receiving competitive challenges. S. N’Sapu Jr once again spear-headed a lot of what was positive regarding Turves play and with great rebounding and intricate passing, saw more points scored. This was backed up by some lovely shots from N. Zeray.

Turves’ year 11 boys eventually ran out winners: 27-14.  The boys played with respect, without fear and with enjoyment. They were a great credit to the school for their performance.

Well done to the whole squad.


Cashless School

I am sure you will appreciate that the current pandemic situation has forced us to review a number of processes within Turves Green Boys’ School.  Most of you will be familiar with Parent Mail, our cashless system that enables you to pay remotely for trips, school meals and any other school related purchases. Parent Mail can be accessed securely via computer or smartphone. 

From 7th June 2021, Turves Green Boys’ School will become a cashless school. This will mean that we will no longer accept cash for any school related purchase including school meals. All payments will be made remotely via our Parent Mail system, or alternatively via a PayPoint retailer using a barcode. The cash top up machines within school will be removed. 

Most schools became cashless to reduce the health risk to pupils and staff, as well as for security reasons.

For the majority of you there will be no change as you actively use Parent Mail accounts.  However; there are some parents/carers who have never actively used their child’s Parent Mail account. It is essential that parents/carers activate their child’s Parent Mail account otherwise they will be unable to purchase any food within school or attend any trips/events etc. Should you have any queries regarding this, please email

Thank you for your continued support.

Our Year 11 Prefects attended training at Ackers Trust last week. Undertaking team building exercises and being put under pressure to make decisions in difficult situations.

Well done to everyone involved. Our prefects are ready to start peer mentoring with younger pupils.

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