Cadbury College

Cadbury College

Year 9 students recently visited Cadbury College to watch their rendition of the well-known musical Little Shop of Horrors. The performance was nothing short of amazing, captivating the audience with its vibrant energy, exceptional acting, and impressive musical numbers.

From the moment the curtains opened, the cast delivered a stellar performance that brought the quirky, darkly comedic story to life. The lead actors embodied their characters with charisma and depth, making the audience laugh, gasp, and cheer throughout the show.

The set design and special effects were also impressive, especially the iconic man-eating plant, Audrey II. The puppet work and voice acting for Audrey II were executed flawlessly, adding a layer of authenticity and humour to the performance.

Overall, Cadbury College’s rendition of Little Shop of Horrors was a triumph, leaving a lasting impression on the Year 9 students who attended. The high-quality production has inspired students involved in TGBS’s upcoming performance of Alfie the Musical, motivating them to strive for a similar level of excellence in their own show.

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