Careers Week in the Maths Department

Careers Week in the Maths Department

This week the maths department has run themed lessons for KS3 classes discuss career opportunities that maths can lead you to. Students had a brief overview of several different career opportunities in their lesson and then got a deep dive into one of the 4 following jobs completing activities related to it.

Students looking at being a games designer found out more about the maths involved in creating loot boxes and market places in the game and got to design their own games.

Architect students looked at the plans and elevations of different famous buildings to try and guess what the building was as well as creating their own plans and elevations of building blocks.

Programmer students looked at how vectors are used to move characters in video games and moved their own characters earning points on a paper map.

Finally, codebreaker students looked at codebreaking throughout history and how ciphers have been used since the ancient Egyptian times to hide messages.

Students also talked about a variety of different jobs in maths including stockbrokers, quantity surveyors, sales associates and accountants.

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