Dudley Magistrates Court

Dudley Magistrates Court

Alongside our in-school careers programme, some of our pupils have also undertaken external work experience during the school holidays. We aim to provide experience of the workplace in various forms for our pupils within school, most notably during our Careers Week in Year 10. However, we also provide support for external work experience for some of our pupils who are keen to gain extra experience of the workplace. One exemplary pupil is Charlie B in Year 10. Over the summer holidays, Charlie completed work experience at Dudley Magistrates Court, he said:

During the summer holidays, I spent a week at Dudley Magistrates Court for some work experience. I really enjoyed my experience there as it opened my mind to possibilities of law in my future career. I sat next to the legal advisor in court for many cases such as trials, NGAP (Not Guilty Anticipated Pleas), GAP (Guilty anticipated pleas), statutory declarations and warrants being signed by judges took place. The overall experience was interesting and I was welcomed by kind and helpful people that were keen to teach me lots about their field of work. Being inside a work environment was also interesting. Overall, I’m glad and thankful that I was offered this experience and would love to do this, or something like this again.”

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