Eco Club

Eco Club

Last half term was very productive for our eco-committee and we were honoured to have a special guest visit us!

Firstly, we have been carrying on with our applications for both the green flag award and the national nature park where we have been surveying our environment, keeping a track of our weather and spending some time getting to know our space and how it can be improved.

Secondly, recycling has been really picking up some pace. The pupils involved have been emptying the paper bins regularly on their rota and have taken a very mature, responsible role in ensuring that they are being used properly and replacing any that have not been up to par.

Thirdly, we were honoured to have a special visit from Mr Reeves who, besides volunteering at a local park, is an eco-inventor! He has shown our eco-pupils how they can construct a greenhouse / polytunnel out of old plastic bottles (which we have been collecting in abundance) and garden cane. He also showed us how we can use the cut off bottoms to sow our seeds in and has offered to make us a jig to help us cut up our bottles easier. All the pupils thanked him for attending the school and showing us the eco-way! We look forward to inviting him back later in the year to sample some of the produce we have grown and see how far we have come with our garden. Thanks again sir!

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