Empowering Year 8 Pupils with Food and Nutrition Skills

Empowering Year 8 Pupils with Food and Nutrition Skills

This week Year 8 pupils have embarked on a culinary journey that challenges their perceptions of convenience snacks. In this food and nutrition class, they are honing their culinary skills and gaining valuable insights into the world of food processing and flavour enhancement. Initially met with scepticism, the pupils soon discovered that there’s more to snack foods than meets the eye.

Unmasking the Snack: A Surprising Revelation

At the outset, the Year 8 pupils harboured a common belief that “there is no such thing as a bad pot noodle.” However, their culinary adventure began with a revelation that would forever change their perspective. They embarked on a journey to unravel the mysteries behind the creation of one of their favourite snacks, the humble pot noodle.

Delving into the Investigation

Their exploration began with a close examination of the pot noodle product. The pupils meticulously scrutinized the powdered flavourings that are a quintessential part of this instant meal. What they found left them astounded: there was no trace of real meat in these products. Instead, they contained chemical flavourings, revealing a stark contrast between perception and reality.

Crafting Their Own Creations

With newfound knowledge and an eagerness to experiment, the pupils eagerly moved on to the next phase of their culinary adventure. In the following lesson, they embarked on the exciting task of creating their own versions of pot noodles from scratch. This hands-on experience allowed them to understand the intricate process behind the convenience foods they had grown accustomed to.

Diverse Approaches to Tasting

As their creations took shape, the pupils had various ways of tasting their culinary experiments. Some chose to prepare their homemade pot noodles at home, adding hot water and savouring the results in the comfort of their own kitchens. Others opted to enjoy their creations right at school, relishing the satisfaction of crafting something delicious with their own hands. Regardless of the method, the pupils were pleased with their newfound skills and the delectable results they achieved.


Year 8 pupils have embarked on a remarkable culinary journey, one that has exposed them to the inner workings of convenience snack foods. Through hands-on experience and a keen understanding of ingredients, they have demystified the creation of pot noodles and developed a newfound appreciation for the art of cooking. This educational experience not only equips them with essential culinary skills but also empowers them to make informed choices about the foods they consume. In the process, they have discovered that there’s much more to food than what initially meets the eye, proving that in the world of cooking, knowledge is the key to culinary master

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