First English Key Pieces

First English Key Pieces

Key Stage Three students have been preparing and composing their first ‘key pieces’ of the year. Key Pieces test a student’s progress in their new topic and showcase their mastery of new skills.

This has been an important moment for Year Seven, of course, who have been learning how to meet the challenge of producing assessed work in English for the first time in Secondary school. Our Year Sevens have responded impressively to this landmark moment, working diligently across their first three weeks in their new school, responding positively to new learning and producing very creditable work in their key pieces.

For Years Eight and Nine, this has also been an important moment as they have been asked to produce key pieces on new topics and at a new level. Year 8, who have been learning how to structure a written speech in a classical style and how to write using persuasive and punchy language, have produced some fascinating pieces of written work in the style of a speech they have read in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. The focus for Year 9 has been on academic writing as they take their first steps in learning how to produce an essay to GCSE standard.

Some of the most sparkling and lively speeches written by Year 8 demonstrated a strong understanding of how a speech is written and a very promising command of vocabulary. Among those who performed especially well are Leo T-S., Aaron W., Logan C., Duarte DVDC. And Kamron H.

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