French half-term revision sessions

French half-term revision sessions

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the pupils who dedicated their time to attending the French revision sessions during the recent half-term holiday. The commitment and effort demonstrated on these days have filled us with immense pride. We would like to give special recognition to Awab E (11B3), Jahrreyl M (11T1), Clay J (11T1), James M (11A2), and Dominic O (11B3) for their exceptional hard work throughout the day.

The revision sessions focused intensively on preparing for the writing exams, which took place on June 5th and contribute significantly to the GCSE French overall grade, accounting for 25%. Pupils revisited techniques for describing photographs in French and honed their skills in crafting 40, 90, and 150-word essays. We were genuinely impressed by the pupils’ ability to incorporate complex structures into their written pieces, which they produced from memory.

During the sessions, we also engaged in interactive French revision games on Kahoot, where Clay and Jahrreyl emerged as winners in the Kahoot challenges. As a token of appreciation, all pupils received cupcakes to acknowledge their remarkable efforts.

It is worth mentioning that revision sessions have been organised during various school holidays this year, including October, February, Easter, and May. We extend our sincere gratitude to every pupil who actively participated in these sessions. Their self-motivation to excel and valuable contributions have exemplified our school values. We hope that these efforts will yield fruitful results on Results Day in August, and we eagerly anticipate celebrating your accomplishments.

Furthermore, we would like to express our appreciation to the pupils who diligently attended the online Teams lessons conducted weekly by Madame Cousin. Well done to each and every one of you for your dedication and commitment.

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