Launch of Reading Reward Vending Machine

Launch of Reading Reward Vending Machine

This week we have launched our brand new reading rewards vending machine. Our book vending machine is stocked with a mixture of our ‘16 by 16’ reading challenge and books chosen by our Warhammer and Alliance clubs. Our aim is to promote reading for pleasure for all pupils in all years. This week’s winners chose ‘Shoe Dog’, the biography of the founder of Nike, ‘Touching the Void’, a real-life story of danger and discovery and most popular of all ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’!

Pupils will have an opportunity via their reading ambassadors to select texts to go in the ending machine as prizes

Pupils can be awarded tokens for achieving success across the school. This week’s winning choices were for:

Most improved attitude in Year 11 C Z Wilson

Supporting Indoor Athletics Year 10 A Moulton

Promotion of the Allies Club Y9

Excellence in PE: R Brown

Winning 3 events in Indoor Athletic Y7 Leyton Timmins

Highest Score in Accelerated Reading for their year group: Y7 Praise O Y8 D Conceicaao Y9 S Scott

½ million, 1 million word reader: Y8 D Conceicaao

Most Accelerated tests taken: Y7 K Deady Y8 L Jaison Y9 M Osman

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