Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

Turves Green Boys’ School held a series of assemblies this week focused on Mental Health Awareness Month, where pupils were educated on the signs, conditions, and ways to look after themselves when it comes to mental health. The assemblies provided valuable insights and raised awareness of the importance of mental health, teaching pupils how to recognise the signs of mental health struggles and seek help when needed. Pupils were encouraged to prioritise their mental health and were provided with practical advice on how to care for themselves and others.

Overall, the assemblies were a valuable opportunity for pupils to gain a deeper understanding of mental health and to feel supported in their own mental health journeys.

At our school, we take great pride in our comprehensive Pupil Support Services, which include three dedicated Heads of House, a School Social Worker, a Student Social Worker, a Mental Health Practitioner, an Intervention Lead, and an Attendance Manager. These compassionate professionals are available to provide swift and comprehensive wrap-around care and support to our pupils whenever they are needed.

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