Music Trip to South and City College Birmingham

Music Trip to South and City College Birmingham

On the 19th of June, 14 boys from year 9, who have chosen BTEC Music went on a trip to South and City College Birmingham to see what music can be like after secondary school. Below are statements from the students explaining what they did, what they learnt and how they will use these skills over the next two years.

“We had an exciting tour of the music department and all the music rooms there. Then, we split into three groups and rotated around 3 activities: music production on Logic, music mixing in a studio and a group performance” – J. Choi

“I also enjoyed the part where we explored the college and found out the different places available for us if we wanted to continue our music career paths after Year 11 or if we wanted to do a different career such as Animal Care or Engineering” – T. Farrell

“My favourite part about the trip was that we got to see the experience of what BTEC music is really like” – B. Diarra

“I enjoyed performing on stage with my group and making my own song in logic” – C. Knibbs

“I enjoyed the performance element of the day, it was fun to practice in a more professional setting. I also enjoyed the studio because it was fun to have a go on the volume as I think it’s good to learn how that works and how to get a good balance for the sound” – A. Hannon

“A skill I developed over this trip was co-operation to other members in a band or group” – J. Jeremy

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