New Champions of Academic Writing

New Champions of Academic Writing

A group of students in Year 8 have really excelled at their mid-point English assessments recently. This group includes: K. Hussain (8T1), L. Cullen (8T1), D. Da Conciecao (8T1), L. Thompson Clarke (8T1), T. Cham (8T1) and A. Williams (8T1).

Boys across Year 8 have been improving the way they use academic writing to explain the meanings of poems and have been learning to use new skills and techniques to help them to write with crystal clarity. Some boys have gone on to show a maturity beyond their years in their writing and have really impressed.

Year 8 have been looking at the theme of ‘Identity’ through poetry. The boys have been looking at poets such as: John Agard, Grace Nichols and Sujata Bhatt who write about their experiences of growing into a new culture and identity, when moving to Britain from other parts of the world.  The poets use imagery and humour to get challenging and complex ideas across, and the boys have really risen to the challenge of both understanding these ideas, and of explaining them through their skillful ability to write in an academic style. 

To encourage further excellence, the boys who have been most successful in their writing have been awarded a book to read and enjoy.

Keep it up boys!

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