Pupils Work: Adaptation of Tropical Rainforest

Pupils Work: Adaptation of Tropical Rainforest

In Year 10, our recent focus has been on the topic of tropical rainforests, specifically exploring the concept of adaptations within these ecosystems. During a recent lesson, we discussed the importance of breaking down complex information into more manageable chunks for effective learning. To illustrate this approach, a photograph from a pupil’s book was captured, demonstrating the process of simplifying a large paragraph into smaller, more structured sections.

By adopting this technique, we aim to cater to the diverse learning needs of our pupils. We recognise that not all pupils may feel comfortable to develop their points into full paragraphs, which can potentially discourage their engagement. Instead, we employ various strategies to chunk and organise knowledge in different formats.

In the shared picture, the paragraph has been skilfully transformed into a table format, providing pupils with a clear and structured framework to organise their understanding of the topic. This method facilitates easier comprehension and retention of information for our pupils.

Well done James R, Year 10!

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