Salter’s institute Discovery Day

Salter’s institute Discovery Day

Year 10 Science Trip to the University of Nottingham: A Day of Discovery and Inspiration

On June 26th, a small group of Year 10 boys from our school had the extraordinary opportunity to visit the University of Nottingham for an immersive science experience. This trip was designed to spark curiosity and provide our students with a first-hand look at the fascinating world of chemistry.

The day began with a warm welcome from the university’s science faculty, setting the stage for an exciting schedule ahead. Our first activity was a talk by two enthusiastic Chemistry PhD students. They shared insights into their research, discussing topics ranging from innovative chemical reactions to environmental sustainability. Their passion for their work was evident and inspiring, giving our students a glimpse into the possibilities that a future in chemistry can offer.

Following the engaging talk, our students donned lab coats and safety goggles for a hands-on practical session in one of the university’s state-of-the-art laboratories. Guided by experienced lab technicians, they undertook the challenging yet rewarding task of synthesizing aspirin. This practical experience not only reinforced theoretical knowledge but also introduced them to the meticulous processes involved in pharmaceutical chemistry. The boys worked diligently, following precise procedures to produce their own samples of aspirin, and the sense of achievement was palpable.

The final part of our visit was a Q&A session with three professionals working in the chemical industry. These individuals brought a wealth of real-world experience, discussing their diverse roles in various sectors such as technical services, lecturing, and industrial research. They shared stories of their career paths, the challenges they face, and the exciting developments in their fields. Our students asked insightful questions, gaining valuable advice and a deeper understanding of the career opportunities that a degree in chemistry can provide. The trip to the University of Nottingham was a resounding success, leaving our Year 10 boys inspired and motivated. They returned with a newfound appreciation for chemistry and the potential it holds for the future. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the university staff and the industry professionals who made this enriching experience possible. This visit undoubtedly sparked a passion for science that will continue to grow in the years to come.

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