Start of Guitar lessons

Start of Guitar lessons

After a five-month wait, guitar lessons have commenced for those who submitted their applications in late November. The participating pupils will now have the opportunity to engage in weekly 30-minute lessons aimed at nurturing and advancing their guitar skills and overall musicianship. Following conversations with the 14 boys currently enrolled in these lessons, it is evident that they have been enjoyable and fruitful experiences.

We would like to inform you that applications for instrumental lessons in the upcoming academic year will open soon. If you are interested in pursuing lessons in keyboard, vocals, guitar, drums, or steel pan, we encourage you to reach out to Miss Harrison for further information and registration.

Contact Info

Turves Green, Northfield,

Birmingham, B31 4BS

Contact Number: 0121 483 2890


Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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