Supporting Buddy Bag Foundation

Supporting Buddy Bag Foundation

Turves Green Boys School takes great pride in its ongoing support for the Buddy Bag Foundation. The school recognizes the importance of providing comfort and support to children in emergency care, and has actively engaged in various initiatives to contribute to this cause. Through volunteer efforts, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated staff and parents who have generously supported the Buddy Bag Foundation by knitting teddy bears to be included in the bags that will be given to children in emergency care. Your time, effort, and skill in creating these handmade teddy bears will bring comfort and joy to countless children in emergency care.

Turves Green Boys School recognizes and appreciates the invaluable contribution of these individuals, whose compassion and commitment will make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable children. Your kindness and generosity serve as an inspiration to the entire school community. Finally we are excited to announce that we will be organizing fundraising events during break times, week beginning 26th February to raise funds for the Buddy Bag Foundation. Fundraising will be through a cake sale, throwing wet sponges at staff and a penalty shootout. These events aim to gather financial support to obtain Buddy Bags and fill them with essential items for children in emergency care. The school community is eagerly looking forward to participating in these events, as they provide an opportunity to make a positive impact and bring comfort to those in need. Turves Green Boys School encourages everyone to join in these fundraising efforts and contribute towards this worthy cause.

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