Testing Air Quality with University of Birmingham Researchers

Testing Air Quality with University of Birmingham Researchers

This week year 9 have continued their investigation into air pollutants in and around Turves Green Boy’s School.

We took down our particle traps which had been placed in various places around school and used mini microscopes to analyse the number of particles trapped in each space. We compared food technology, science, the sports hall, outdoor space and various other classrooms. Surprisingly the rooms with the highest number of particles trapped were history, art and food technology (much to the joy of the science staff).

Our visitors explained to us different methods researchers use to visualise and study very tiny particles including electron microscopes and we looked at some images showing particles that were 1000th of a mm wide.

Many thanks to Dr Dominik Kubicki, Dr Natalie Poulter, Dr Eleyna Slater and Katie Spencer from the University of Birmingham for sharing their time and expertise with us. Also, thanks to our fantastic students who shared their ideas and reflections on their results and developed their skills using microscopes.

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