This week at Allies Club

This week at Allies Club

Allies Club: Understanding Bullying and Spreading Kindness

In an effort to continue to promote a safe and inclusive school environment, the Allies Club dedicated this week to deepening our understanding of bullying and exploring ways to combat it. During our insightful session, we delved into the core definition of bullying, uncovering its various forms and effects. This helped us to highlight the importance of fostering empathy and kindness within our school community. Through our collaborative discussions we emphasised the importance of a safe space within the club and the recognising the impact that bullying can have on mental health and academic performance.

To end the session on a positive note, we engaged in an interactive activity where the pupils crafted ‘kindness tokens’ as small reminders to spread compassion and understanding throughout our school community. The act of making these tokens not only reinforced the significance of kindness but to remember to be respectful to all, reiterating our commitment to the Turves Values and to create a supportive environment for all pupils. Please see the photos of the messages we wanted to share.

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