This week in Warhammer

This week in Warhammer

This week in Warhammer alliance our new starter set boxes had arrived, 6 brand new boxes, 3 for Warhammer 40K and 3 for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. We opened up the Warhammer 40K starter boxes and started building the Space Marines and Necrons inside ready to paint at the start of the next year.

These starter boxes will give the pupils a set of ‘club models’ that they will all be responsible for building, painting and maintaining so that we can continue to use them for games over the next academic year and beyond. We are hoping to get all the models built before the end of term and when we return after Summer they will be painting them.

When painting the models, the pupils are going to have a step by step guide into how to paint 3 different unique chapters/ colour schemes. The blue Ultramarines, red Blood Angels and green Salamanders. By focusing on these 3 colours schemes the pupils will learn more specific painting techniques such as shading and highlighting to bring out the detail of the models.

There are plenty of models still to build, so if you want to come and help us stop by B7 on a Wednesday after school, or come and see Mr Soden and you can help out.

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