Tigers Programme

Tigers Programme

The Tigers Programme, a transformative behavioural intervention initiative that has been making a positive impact on the lives of our students, combines gardening, cooking, and engaging trips to broaden students’ horizons and provide them with invaluable insights into various industries. The recent visit to Kings Norton Business College for a construction trip was a particularly enlightening experience, showcasing the vast opportunities available to our students in the construction trade.

The Tigers Programme acknowledges the importance of hands-on activities in fostering personal development and promoting positive behaviour among students. Through gardening, our pupils learn the fundamentals of teamwork, patience, and responsibility. They cultivate their own plots, nurturing plants from seedlings to fully grown produce. This process not only instils a sense of accomplishment but also teaches them about the environment.

Visiting Kings Norton Business College:

As part of the Tigers Programme, students recently had the opportunity to visit Kings Norton Business College for an inspiring construction trip. This eye-opening experience aimed to expose students to the construction trade and the plethora of career options available to them in the field after completing their education. During the visit, students had hands-on interactions with various construction tools and equipment, observed skilled professionals at work, and engaged in insightful discussions with industry experts. They learned about the diverse roles within the construction sector, such as architecture, engineering, project management, and skilled trades, which sparked their curiosity and opened their minds to future career possibilities.

The Tigers Programme stands as a testament to the power of behavioural intervention and engaging educational experiences. Through gardening, cooking, and visits to Kings Norton Business College, our students have developed vital skills, gained valuable insights, and set their sights on bright futures. We are immensely proud of their achievements and grateful for the support of our dedicated staff and partners. Together, we are nurturing a generation of confident, skilled, and inspired individuals who will make a positive impact on the world

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