UK Maths Challenge

UK Maths Challenge

Year 7 and Year 8 are celebrating an amazing success in the UK Maths Trusts’ Junior Maths Challenge. Two weeks ago students completed an hour long set of maths challenges in exam conditions and have now received the awards. Our students did fantastically, achieving 2 Gold certificates, 4 Silver certificates and 12 Bronze certificates! Congratulations to everyone who took part who all walked away with a certificate of participation. And especially to those who earnt one of the three awards.

Bronze awards were achieved by:

  • D.Cartwright-George 7A1
  • L. Connolly 7B1
  • L. Ellis 7B1
  • E. Griffiths 7B1
  • C. Jones 7B1
  • J. Smith 7B1
  • W. Bates 8T1
  • D. Daio Viana Da Conceicao 8T1
  • J. Davies 8T1
  • J. Dunsmore 8T1
  • K. Hussain 8T1
  • C. Murphy 8T2

Silver awards were achieved by:

  • G. Thomson 8T1
  • M. Walker 8T1
  • A. Williams 8T1
  • A. Abaker 7B1

And the 2 gold awards were achieved by:

  • R. Singh 8T2
  • O. Aboukharroub 8T1

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