Warhammer Alliance visits Warhammer World

Warhammer Alliance visits Warhammer World

On Wednesday over 30 students from the Warhammer Alliance visited the home of Warhammer in Nottingham, Warhammer World, where all Warhammer models are designed and made.

Whilst there students got to visit the exhibit hall which displays the professionally painted miniatures used on the websites and box art as well as the huge dioramas. This included the largest Warhammer diorama in the world called the Battle for Angelus Prime where students searched to find a hidden assassin for a chance to win their own to take home. Unfortunately, even with a close called by J. Jeremy 9A2, the assassin remained hidden.

We stopped for lunch in Bugmans bar. A fantasy themed dwarven bar with helmet, shields and weapons on the wall, as well as a decapitated orc head. The rest of our day was spent in the gaming hall where students received free starter models from the staff at Warhammer World that they could build, paint and then take home with them.

Students also got to visit the Warhammer shop and purchase models to take home and build at Warhammer Alliance through the rest of the year. With it also being Warhammer Worlds Store anniversary, many students were also able to get some free pins and coins along with their purchases. Students had a fantastic time and took part in a mini photography competition whilst there too. The results of which will be announced at Warhammer Alliance next week.

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