Warhammer Celebration

Warhammer Celebration

This week in Warhammer Alliance we had our first painting competition. Each student was given 1 week to finish painting any model ready to present at the club. They were formed into two categories; veterans who have been playing Warhammer in school for over a year and recruits who is anyone who has joined this year and are looking at painting their first models.

Each entry was judged by guest judges Mr Till, Miss Harrison, Mr Brabbin, Mr Woodall and Miss Brooker. In the recruits category first place went to P. Curnew in 7B1 who painted a fantastic Cronomancer for his Necron army. In the veterans category, first place was taken by an amazing Primaris Captain painted by S.Scott in 9A1. Each student then got to take a lucky draw pick from a selection of mystery models provided by Warhammer Birmingham.

Our runners up were J. Allabush 7A1 and W.Bates 8T1 who won a voucher and along with all the competitors will get fast passes to use at lunch time.

Congratulations to all our winners! We will have more painting competitions in the future, but painting is just one part of the Warhammer hobby. Students now will be encouraged to build up their armies and then start learning to play the game in preparations for a gaming tournament closer towards Christmas where again, mystery models will be up for grabs.

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