Year 10 Study of Migration

Year 10 Study of Migration

I would like to take this opportunity to recognise and appreciate the significant contributions made by our Year 10 pupils in their study of migration. Since the beginning of the academic year, these pupils have been actively engaged in a thematic exploration of migration dating back to approximately 790 AD. Their focus has revolved around the diverse history of Britain, spanning from the era of the Anglo-Saxons to the Vikings.

In their recent lessons, pupils have delved into the valuable contributions made by various migrant communities, with a particular emphasis on the Huguenots. Alongside this, they have been honing a range of historical skills, including analysing and drawing inferences from primary sources, evaluating historical significance, and critically assessing source materials.

I am delighted to share an outstanding example from Ben, highlighting his excellent work in this area.

Well done to Ben and the rest of the year 10 History pupils. Keep up the good work!

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