Year 10 visit the Warm Place

Year 10 visit the Warm Place

The Warm Place initiative, introduced by Birmingham City Council, aims to establish a network of free-to-use Warm Welcome sites throughout the city, providing essential support and services to address the cost of living crisis. In collaboration with partners and inspired by the community response during the pandemic, the council is working alongside voluntary and community sector organisations to expand these spaces, offering a welcoming environment for individuals to engage in activities, access services, receive practical advice, and connect with their community.

Current locations include leisure centres, the Northfield arts forum, and the Spitfire advice centre. Warm Welcome spaces are designed to be accessible, providing heating and basic refreshments, while fostering inclusivity, non-judgmental support, and the ability to guide visitors towards additional assistance.

Turves Green Boys’ School has been involved from the outset, with our hospitality and catering pupils contributing treats such as flapjacks, cakes, and apple pies. We have also extended invitations to our new community friends, inviting them to celebrate with us at events such as art shows and musical performances, and we are even welcoming the entire church community to our summer musicals evening.

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