Year 11 Army Experience

Year 11 Army Experience

On Monday 13th September, some year 11 pupils were able to get some first-hand advice and information about Army careers.  Members of the Army came into school and ran sessions about life in the Army, careers and training opportunities.  Pupils were also able to take part in team building, problem solving and awareness activities.


‘It was a really interesting day. I gained greater knowledge of what the army can offer and the careers it can lead to. It was also fun, I really enjoyed the air-soft shooting and target practice.’


‘It was a fun day.  I really enjoyed the shooting range and measuring reaction times. It was also interesting to learn about the options available to you in the Army such as Engineering and Mechanics.  I also learned how you can get paid while you are learning.  It has definitely given me more options to consider when I leave school’


‘It was interesting to get to know the soldiers and their backgrounds, as well as their mentality and what it is like in the Army day to day.  I learned about their fitness routines as well as the career opportunities.  It has definitely turned my mind to consider the opportunities the Army has to offer.’

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