Year 11 practical PE lessons

Year 11 practical PE lessons

We are delighted to share some exciting news about our Year 11 Sport pupils! As part of their sport course, pupils have been delivering PE lessons to their peers. We are immensely proud of their outstanding planning, delivery, and justifications, which have truly showcased their talent and dedication.

Our Year 11 pupils have demonstrated exceptional skills in designing and executing engaging PE lessons. They have shown meticulous planning, considering various learning styles and abilities to ensure all pupils are fully engaged and able to participate. Their creativity and innovation have allowed for diverse and inclusive activities that cater to the unique needs of each pupil.

Moreover, we are thrilled to report that the pupils involved in these lessons have exhibited exemplary behaviour for learning. They have displayed a genuine enthusiasm for the subject and an eagerness to actively participate in every session. The positive atmosphere created by both the pupils delivering the lessons and those taking part has contributed successful learning environments.

The commitment and hard work demonstrated by our Year 11 Sport pupils have not only benefited their peers but have also proven to be an invaluable learning experience for themselves. By taking on the responsibility of teaching, they have developed their leadership, communication, and organisational skills.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the Year 11 Sport pupils for their exceptional contributions.

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