Year 9 Assessments

Year 9 Assessments

This week in English, we are recognising and celebrating R. Raheim Bassiri and J. Saunders, both in 9A1, and their outstanding achievements. Both boys scored the same marks and gained the highest marks in the class in their end of year exams. A competitive bond has been forged between the two and will only serve to motivate the boys in their future. These two boys displayed their ardent advocation of the Turves values by being self-motivated to achieve, offering an incredibly valuable contribution to both their own progression and to that of their peers within the classroom environment. In addition to this, these boys were clearly providing a valuable contribution to the subject, with their hard work in the classroom being evident in their assessment grades. The boys behaved impeccably throughout the term and they both endeavoured to deploy their creative abilities, writing excellent stories based on the stimulus provided.

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